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are located in small Istrian town of Rovinj, with picturesque cobbled streets and numerous galleries. There are also lots of churches and the largest baroque church of St. Euphemia, which rises above the old town and is a recognizable symbol of the city.Tanga apartments Rovinj are situated  in the old town of Rovinj, in a typically narrow and quiet stone alley, while being in the middle of  all Panorama of a City of Rovinj, Croatiaevents. Just a few steps divide you from the city center and from the Church of St.Euphemia. Nearby apartments Tanga, only 400m away, is the rocky beach of Monte. For all those who want to get away from the bustle of the city there are several islands such as St. Andrew known as Red Island and the island of St. Catherine.  They can be reached with a boat that departs from the center, just ten minutes away and you can experience another Rovinj with rich Mediterranean vegetation. Rovinj has many other beaches such is the famous Punta Corente which is located just a ten minute bike ride from the city center, where you can find quiet coves and bike trails that meander along the sea through the pine forest. Tanga Apartments Rovinj are decorated in a romantic shabby chic style with preserved vitanga apartments rovinj bedroom 5vid features of the old town. All apartments have a fully equipped small kitchen (including utensils), private bathroom, satellite TV, air conditioning and heating if necessary, linen and towels. On the ground floor is a room that can be used for socializing as well as for storage of  bicycles, beach equipment and other.  Tanga Apartments Rovinj consist of three separate units connected with staircase. Two of them are studio apartments located on 1st and 2nd floor. The suite apartment is on the 3rd floor connected to the attic that accommodates the bedroom reached by private circular staircase. The house has been completely renovated while managing to keep the old charm of Rovinj. Click here to see the separate units.